What’s Inxploration about?

What’s Inxploration about?

Hey there,

If you’re wondering what Inxploration is about, well it’s about some first hand experiences when you’re on a journey. Be it travelling to a foreign country or on the way to exploring the depths of your own soul.

Inxploration is about experiencing the here and now, inside or outside, the way it offers itself, without judging, as much as possible. Subjectivity can hardly be omitted completely, but the aim is to do my best at describing experiences with the different cultures and places, the self and the truth as honestly as possible. It will be by no means either a universal or an objective truth. The entries are meant to hopefully help you encounter your own truth and maybe help you on your way towards what you seek or what you’re meant to find. To encourage you and let you know that whatever you feel or experience, you are (very likely) not alone.

Yosemite snow

It is about all the human experience one has when exploring a new place, inside or outside. It’s about observation, acceptance, letting go, whatever the circumstances (easier said than done in some instances, I’m fully aware. 🙂 )

It’s also about allowing yourself to feel (in the first place.. no matter) what(ever) you feel on your journey… joy, disappointment, gratefulness, sadness, hope, anger, awe or humility. Just contemplate and be conscious about it. To understand how your own ego comes into play, what your mind does with the experience and how all that feels in your heart, in order to ultimately get to your core and soul. To see the beauty in a dewdrop in the early morning and encounter the infinite love in an unknown pair of eyes.

Vendée in the morning

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