I have been thinking about writing this bit for quite some time. The first versions sounded like an excerpt from a job interview, part of a LinkedIn profile or some famous person’s biography details and, when re-reading them, I could not truly identify myself with any of the versions. “About me” sounded more like an alien that had nothing to do with me at all… Despite the factual character… So I decided to cut the crap and just go with my heart.

I was born in Székelyföld, Transylvania. I am a Hungarian girl who has lived in 6 countries and has been greatly influenced by the people, cultures and languages I have been exposed to in the past 15 years, for which I feel very grateful. I have spent quite a few years in the typical office-job environment, until life was graceful enough to offer me the opportunity to quit this lifestyle. I luckily lost my last job and decided to try out a life which is (hopefully) going to be more fulfilling. One that is not about moneymaking, fighting and surviving while spending most of my workdays doing something endurable, but more about finding out what is that I (,Magdi from the small Székely village called Parajd), REALLY enjoy doing. One that does not drain me by the end of the day, but it makes me “good tired” and makes me want to stand up theday after.

Since I was a child I enjoyed travelling. While hearing about the Olympics in Atlanta and then Sydney (not even mentioning the idea of visiting Asia) while growing up in a (former) communist country one of my biggest concerns was that I would NOT be able to travel. The idea was devastating. (Just like getting a barbie doll on the day of the Apocalypse for a 6 year old girl in Romania in 1989.)

After some years of searching came the eager interest to explore my mind and understand human existence. In all the buzz and noise to find my own truth. I met Ashtanga and Kundalini yoga along the way and I got absorbed. Now it’s the time to let yoga, life and love absorb me and see where they take me. To inxplore whatever I find and wherever I find it. To take life in its “full bandwidth” as it offers itself in the different states of mind and consciousness levels, people, countries and experiences .


Mgd Brbs

Magdi B.                              Photo by Dóra Kántor

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